Stock Cybernetics

Portfolio: US Stock Trading (NYSE, NASDAQ, DOW)

Status: Available on Darwinex



  • Target: >30% Profit p.a.
  • Target: Low max. Drawdown: <5 %
  • Style: Quantitative
  • Type: Swing & SR Levels
  • Strategy: 5 Independent Strategies
  • All Single Independent Trades per Asset and Strategy
  • Underlying: Fundamental, Technical
  • TP/SL: Independent per Asset and Strategy
  • Risk Management: Diversification of Assets and Strategies
  • Proven mid/long term stable
  • Tested for Robustness
  • Forward Trading matches Backtests

Trading with new settings from October 2021 onwards / 13 Year Backtest:

Darwin TCA Backtest

Darwinex TCA Equity Test
13 Year Backtest of Darwin TCA – Equity

Darwin TCA Backtest Overlay Equity and Balance
13 year Backtest Darwin TCA Overlay – Equity and Balance